We are looking for products and solutions that are bringing efficiencies to the travel industry. Anything from customer/concierge service technologies to cleaning technologies and booking systems. 

Enter your product for consideration if you believe your product will impress with its innovation and ingenuity. Our readers will evaluate each product based on:

Uniqueness in Market

Ability to Solve a Problem

Suitability for Use

Submit your product in one, or more, of the below categories which best illustrates how it serves travel and hospitality brands or the industry at large.

Business Intelligence Solutions:

  • CX analytics platforms
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • Omnichannel technologies
  • Internet of things

Hotel Guest Experience:

  • Customer/concierge service solutions
  • Check-in/check-out technologies
  • Meeting technologies/capabilities
  • Sustainability efforts and products
  • Virtual or augmented reality
  • Smart home technology (i.e., climate control and voice-activated lighting and television controls)

In-flight Guest Experience:

  • Connectivity and entertainment
  • Customer service solutions
  • Sustainability efforts and products
  • Unique dining experiences (i.e., on-demand snack bars or Michelin-starred meals
  • Novel in-flight amenities (i.e., sleeping pods)
  • Business traveler support at airports

Travel Management:

  • Booking systems
  • Expense management systems
  • Travel insurance solutions
  • Car service and rental solutions
  • AI-powered booking systems

If you have any questions about what category your product is eligible for, please email tia.scawthorn@futurenet.com