The Readers' Choice Awards 2023 presented by SmartBrief on EdTech celebrates those companies and products making a lasting impact on the education industry. Through innovative solutions, the latest technology or pioneering problem-solving, we want to recognize those who are changing the education landscape for the better.


This is an opportunity for you to gain the recognition you deserve, with winners not only receiving Readers' Choice 2023 winner assets to market with, but editorial coverage through an Awards Program Guide showcasing winning products distributed and reaching over 800,000 education professionals in the SmartBrief network.


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Receive editorial coverage in an Awards Program Guide, reaching over 800,000 education professionals in the SmartBrief network.

Gain invaluable recognition and affirmation from our readers, top-level K-12 school and district leaders.

The opportunity to receive a winner's digital badge to market your product with a meaningful endorsement from your customers.



Fill in our simple entry form. Tell us all about your product and make sure to demonstrate it's value.


A survey will be sent out to our engaged audience of educators to vote on products in each category. 


The products with the most votes will be named winners and receive their award badges via email in April.



We are accepting education hardware and software tools in the following categories:


  • Curriculum: products and solutions designed to develop support the curriculum.
  • Classroom Assessment: products and solutions that teachers assess students' comprehension of a course or lesson.
  • Hardware & Technology: tech products, solutions, devices, and audio/visual tools that aid in education. These can be either for those who teach or for those who are learning.
  • Safety & Security any products or solutions that provide safety to educators and/or students, whether that be health or otherwise, or that keep those in education secure from external threats, such as viruses or otherwise.
  • Social-emotional Learning (SEL): any products or solutions that are specifically designed to help within SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) in any capacity.
  • STEM and STEAM: any products or solutions that are specifically designed to help either educators or students within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  • Professional Development: any products or solutions that are created to aid those teaching and/or managing within the education sectors with professional development. In addition to that, any products or solutions that are designed to help students move onto professional careers post-academic studies.
  • Early Education: any products or solutions that are specifically designed to aid with early education, from preschool through kindergarten and up to an including elementary school.
  • Special Education: any products or solutions that are specifically design to aid students with either physical or mental disabilities.
  • Classroom Management: any products or solutions that are designed to help educators manage their classrooms.
  • Reading & Literacy: any products or solutions that are specifically designed with reading & literacy in mind.

The awards recognise and shine light on new and existing products and solutions that impact and transform education through technology. If your product aids, transforms or benefits the lives of educators and students, then it would qualify for the awards.

There is no restriction on release date of products, they could have been released in 2022 or 2012, for example.

Be Recognized. Submitting your product and winning an award will get you coverage in front 800k+ education professionals, SmartBrief's loyal readership across 21 unique education publications.

Build Reputation. Endorsement from your product’s end user, educators and administrators will help build further trust and loyalty among your customers.

Boost Morale. Submitting for the awards is a great opportunity to celebrate the work your employees do and give them affirmation that their work is impactful.

You will submit the following information about your product which our readership - both industry professionals and end-users - will use to evaluate and rank your product:

  • A short product description (100 words or less)    
  • What specific problem does this product solve? (100 words or less)

You will also have an opportunity to share a product landing page, product imagery and product demonstration video (optional).

The deadline to submit nominations is Mar 31 2023. We reserve the right to consider late applicants as circumstances dictate.

Winners will be announced in April 2023. Exact date of direct and editorial announcements is yet to be confirmed, please contact us if you have any questions concerning this.

Along with receiving a digital awards winner logo, winning companies will be announced editorially in a blog post promoted in SmartBrief on EdTech, and highlighted in the awards program guide distributed to 800k+ across relevant SmartBrief publications reaching educators and administrators.

Each product entry costs $595.

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Yes. There is no limit to the number of products you may nominate. Each product requires a nomination form and entry fee(s).

Yes. It will not be published prior to the winners announcement or shared with anyone beyond the judges or editors.



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